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Mechanisms underlying reshuffling of visual responses by optogenetic stimulation in mice and monkeys, *Sanzeni A, *Palmigiano A, *Nguyen TH, Luo J, Nassi JJ, Reynolds JH, Histed MH, +Miller KD, +Brunel N (*,+: authors contributed equally), Neuron. October 2023 

Optimal routing to cerebellum-like structures, Muscinelli S, Wagner MJ, Litwin-Kumar A, Nature Neuroscience. August 2023

A mechanism for differential control of axonal and dendritic spiking underlying learning in a cerebellum-like circuit, Muller SZ, Abbott LF, Sawtell NS, Current Biology. June 2023

Neuroscience Cloud Analysis As a Service: An open-source platform for scalable, reproducible data analysis, Abe T, Kinsella I, Saxena S, Buchanan EK, Couto J, Briggs J, Kitt SL, Glassman R, Zhou J, Paninski LM, Cunningham JP. Neuron. July 2022

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Schedules for Monday Group Lab Meetings & Friday Seminar Series

Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are organized by graduate students and held every Monday at 11:30 a.m. Members of the Center (postdocs, grad students, and faculty) rotate throughout the year to present and discuss their work. All members of the Center are strongly encouraged to attend weekly lab meetings.

The current student organizers are Ines Aitsahalia, Tala Fakhoury, Christine Joy Liu and Renata Proa.

*Please contact the organizers if you'd like to check when you are scheduled to present.

Seminar Series

Seminars are organized by postdocs and held every Friday at 11:30 a.m. during the academic year. Members of the Center nominate and invite speakers from other institutions and research centers to present and discuss their work.

Speakers typically spend the day at the Center and 1-on-1 meetings are arranged with faculty, postdocs, and students throughout the day. The speaker will be hosted by one of our members and they will have lunch with the Center's postdocs and students.

The current postdoc organizers are Thia R. Steinhardt and Marcus Triplett.


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