Weekly Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are held every Monday at 12:30pm. Members of the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience (postdocs, grad students, and faculty) rotate throughout the year to present and discuss their work.

Seminar Series

Seminars are held every Friday at 11:30am during the academic year. Speakers from other institutions and research centers are invited to present and discuss their work. 


Both the lab meetings and seminar series are held at the Jerome L Greene Science Center, 5th floor, conference room L5-084. (3227 Broadway, New York, NY 10027)


Seminar Series Schedule, Fall 2017

9/22/17       Mark Churchland (Columbia Uni.)

9/29/17       Michael Fee (MIT)

10/6/17       Bob Datta (Harvard Uni.) 

10/13/17     Roozbeh Kiani (NYU) 

10/20/17     Tatyana Sharpee (Salk Inst.)

10/27/17     Elias Issa (Columbia Uni.)

11/3/17       Cristina Savin (NYU)

11/17/17     Michael Frank (Brown Uni.)

12/1/17       Nancy Kopell (Boston Uni.)

12/8/17       Michael Halassa (MIT) 

12/15/17     Michael Long (NYU)