Diversity and Inclusion

The goal of the D/I forum is to encourage awareness and discussion surrounding diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life at the theory center. 

We welcome your suggestions and concerns on how to make the Center a more diverse and inclusive place for everyone. 

Please share your experiences, suggestions, and concerns through this anonymous form.  

Upcoming Forum

Date: Postponed until further notice due to COVID-19(March 19, 2020)
Time: 5pm
Location: JLGSC 5th floor interaction space

Topic: "Women’s visibility in academic seminars: Women ask fewer questions than men"

Forums occur around once a month and focus on a specific topic and/or research paper.

The current members of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee are: Sean Bittner, Kelly Buchanan, Joshua Glaser, Ashok Litwin-Kumar, Laureline Logiaco, Allison Ong, and Shreya Saxena.

The committee reviews suggestions/concerns received through the anonymous form and decides the topic of discussion at the forums.


Additional Information

Implicit bias test from Harvard 

Recognizing and challenging microaggressions


To report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or gender-based misconduct to Columbia's office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, click here


Resources available to students for confidential reporting:

SVR Office
Ombuds Office
Health Services
University Chaplain
Counseling Center
Office of Disability Services


Resources available to postdocs, staff, and faculty members for confidential reporting:

Ombuds Office

Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Website: www.hriworld.com
Username: Columbia, Password: eap
Phone: 888-673-1153


Diversity and Inclusion Meeting Archive