Reimbursement Guidelines



  • *Sign up for direct deposit (different from direct deposit for payroll). Click here for instructions

  • We can pay for conference registration directly upon PI approval. Contact for more details.

  • Receipts

             Keep all itemized receipts. Use a credit card so we can reimburse the exact USD amount shown on your bank statements.

             Proof of payment must be visible on the receipt (i.e., “VISA XXXX”).

             If expenses are split, note with who.

  • Flights

             Use your best judgment to choose flights most suitable for you.

             If funded by a federal grant, comply with the Fly America/Open Skies Act, which often requires a US-based air carrier.
             Contact to find out how you're funded.

             Arrive the day before your event begins, depart the day after it ends.
             Extending travel beyond the event requires additional documentation or travel will not be reimbursed.

             If a later/earlier flight is more affordable please include a flight comparison.

  • Make sure you have documents to prove your need to travel, i.e. invitation letter, seminar announcement, conference flyers etc.

  • *Submit your reimbursement within 10 days of your trip.


  • Refer to this “cheat sheet” for common allowable/unallowable expenses.

  • Meals

             CTN limits (per person, excluding tax & tip): breakfast $15, lunch $25, dinner $40
             Provide the names of all participants at the meal.
             Alcohol will not be reimbursed.


  • *Submit your reimbursement within 10 days of your trip.

  • Follow this mock TBER. Please submit the TBER as an excel doc.

  • Compile receipts and supporting documentation into ONE PDF doc organized chronologically and labeled.

  • All expenses must be in US Dollars. Use to convert all foreign receipts to US Dollars.

  • Conversions are based on the date of the actual expense. Write the converted amount of US Dollars on the receipt and provide a screenshot of the conversion in your receipts document.

Please contact regarding any questions.

Travel and Business Expense Form 

Missing Receipts Worksheet

Blank W9

Blank W8

  • Form 8233
  • Please also submit a copy of your passport picture page and the entry stamp page.

Page Last Updated: 5/20/2020