Seminar Series

Seminars are organized by postdocs and held every Friday at 11:30 a.m. during the academic year. Members of the Center nominate and invite speakers from other institutions and research centers to present and discuss their work.

Speakers typically spend the day at the Center and 1-on-1 meetings are arranged with faculty, postdocs, and students throughout the day. The speaker will be hosted by one of our members, and he/she will have lunch with the Center's postdocs and students.

The current postdoc organizers are Josh Glaser and Kenny Kay.

Our Seminar Series is supported in part by NSF's Neuronex Award DBI-1707398.


Unless indicated otherwise, seminars are held at the Jerome L Greene Science Center, 5th floor, conference room L5-084. (3227 Broadway, New York, NY 10027)

Seminar Series Schedule, Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

7/12/2019   Gal Mishne (Special Seminar)

7/18/2019   Samuel Sober (Special Seminar)

8/6/2019   Caleb Holt (Special Seminar)

8/16/2019   Tatjana Tchumatchenko (Special Seminar)

8/23/2019   David Theurel (Special Seminar)

8/30/2019   Margaret Livingstone

9/6/2019   Canceled

9/13/2019   Ann Kennedy

9/20/2019   Sri Sarma

9/27/2019   Eric Shea-Brown

10/4/2019   Reza Shadmehr

10/11/2019   Memming Park

10/18/2019   Canceled for SFN

10/25/2019   David Sussillo

11/1/2019   Brenden Lake

11/8/2019   Stephanie Palmer

11/15/2019   Ilana Witten  (9th floor, lecture hall L9-065)

11/22/2019   Roozbeh Kiani (9th floor, lecture hall L9-065)

11/29/2019   Canceled for Thanksgiving

12/6/2019   John Krakauer (9th floor, lecture hall L9-065)

12/13/2019   Canceled for NIPS Vancouver

12/20/2019   Jose Carmena

12/27/2019   Cancelled for Winter Vacation

1/3/2020       Cancelled for Winter Vacation

1/10/2020     Patricia Churchland (9th floor, lecture hall L9-065)

1/17/2020     Kathleen Cullen

1/24/2020     Cancelled for NSC Open House

1/31/2020     Eve Marder (9th floor, lecture hall L9-065)

2/27/2020     Cancelled for NSC Open House

2/14/2020     Tim Behrens

2/21/2020     Mackenzie Mathis

2/28/2020     Cancelled for COSYNE

3/6/2020       Christopher Harvey

3/13/2020     Ankit Patel

3/20/2020     Cancelled for Spring Break

3/27/2020    Marlene Cohen

4/3/2020      Erin Barnhart

4/10/2020    Kay Tye (9th floor, lecture hall L9-065)

4/17/2020    Bruno Olshausen

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