Seminar Series

Seminars are held every Friday at 11:30am during the academic year. Speakers from other institutions and research centers are invited to present and discuss their work. 

Our Seminar Series is supported by NSF's Neuronex Award DBI-1707398.


Unless indicated otherwise, seminars are held at the Jerome L Greene Science Center, 5th floor, conference room L5-084. (3227 Broadway, New York, NY 10027)

Seminar Series Schedule, Spring 2019

1/11/19       Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL)

1/18/19       Massimo Scanziani, L9-065 (UCSF) 

2/1/19         Vanessa Ruta, L9-065 (Rockefeller)

2/15/19       Matteo Carandini, L9-065 (UCL)

2/22/19       Bill Bialek (Princeton)

3/8/19         Razvan Pascanu (DeepMind)

3/15/19       Tatiana Engel (CHSL)

4/5/19         Eva Dyer (Georgia Tech)

4/10/19       Claudia Clopath (ICL) (Special Seminar)

4/12/19       Wei Ji Ma (NYU)

4/19/19       Joshua Dudman, L9-065 (Janelia)

4/26/19       Marius Pachitariu (Janelia)

5/3/19         Maryam Shanechi (USC)

5/17/19       Ann Hermundstad (Janelia)

5/24/19       Nicolas Brunel (Duke)


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