About Us

The Center for Theoretical Neuroscience was established at Columbia University in 2004 as part of the Swartz Program in Theoretical Neuroscience.  The Center is located in the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, an elegant space that allows for extensive interaction within the theory group and with the laboratories with which we collaborate. 

In addition to the faculty, postdocs, and graduate students listed within, we are excited to expand our work under NSF's NeuroNex Theory Team award in statistical data analysis and theoretical modeling with an extensive network of experimental collaborators to address the enormous challenges facing neuroscience.  Never has the need been greater for theoretical insights and sophisticated data analysis.  The field of neuroscience is facing a torrent of complex data from a system that is, itself, extraordinarily complex.  Future progress requires developing the ability to extract knowledge and understanding from these data through analyses and modeling that capture the essence of what they mean.

Our goal is to establish, through the quality of the Center's research, the excellence of its trainees, and the impact of its visitor, dissemination, and outreach programs, a new cooperative paradigm that will move neuroscience to unprecedented levels of discovery and understanding.  We believe we have one of the most exciting and interactive environments anywhere for bringing theoretical approaches to Neuroscience.

The Center for Theoretical Neuroscience is supported in part by The Gatsby Charitable FoundationNSF NeuroNex Award DBI-1707398Simons Foundation, and The Swartz Foundation.


Larry Abbott
Ken Miller