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Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are organized by graduate students and held every Monday at 11:30 a.m. Members of the Center (postdocs, grad students, and faculty) rotate throughout the year to present and discuss their work. All members of the Center are strongly encouraged to attend weekly lab meetings.

The current student organizers are Elom Amematsro and Jack Lindsey.


Lab meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice.

Lab Meeting Schedule, Summer/Fall 2020

7/6/2020         Faculty Project update: Ashok & Ken

7/13/2020       Matthias Christenson

7/20/2020       Yaki Stern, Anqi Wu

7/27/2020      James Priestley

8/3/2020        Larry Abbott (Faculty Project Update)

8/10/2020      Rainer Engelken

8/17/2020      Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan, Matt Whiteway

8/24/2020      Ari Pakman

8/31/2020      Dar Gilboa

9/7/2020        Canceled for Labor Day

9/14/2020      Agostina Palmigiano, Sean Escola (Faculty Project Update)

9/21/2020      Dan Biderman, Stefano Fusi (Faculty Project Update)

9/28/2020      Helen Hou, Denis Turcu

10/5/2020      Bettina Hein

10/12/2020    Marissa Applegate, Josh Glaser

10/19/2020    Lorenzo Posani

10/26/2020    Matteo Alleman

11/2/2020      Canceled

11/9/2020      Agostina Palmigiano, Erdem Varol

11/16/2020    Serena di Santo, Salomon Muller

11/23/2020    Amin Nejatbakhsh, Ning Qian (Faculty Project Update)

11/30/2020    Canceled

12/7/2020      Christos Papadimitriou

12/14/2020    Kenny Kay, Juri Minxha

12/21/2020    Canceled for Winter Break

12/28/2020    Canceled for Winter Break 

Lab Meeting Archive

Seminar Series

Seminars are organized by postdocs and held every Friday at 11:30 a.m. during the academic year. Members of the Center nominate and invite speakers from other institutions and research centers to present and discuss their work.

Speakers typically spend the day at the Center and 1-on-1 meetings are arranged with faculty, postdocs, and students throughout the day. The speaker will be hosted by one of our members and they will have lunch with the Center's postdocs and students.

The current postdoc organizers are Bettina Hein and Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan.

Our Seminar Series is supported in part by NSF's Neuronex Award DBI-1707398.


Seminars will be conducted virtually until further notice.

Seminar Series Schedule, Fall 2020

9/4/2020      Daniel Soudry

9/11/2020     Eve Marder

9/18/2020     Peter Dayan

9/25/2020     Krishna V. Shenoy

10/2/2020      Ankit Patel

10/9/2020      Asohan Amarasingham

10/16/2020    Christopher Harvey

10/23/2020    Daniela Witten

10/30/2020    Bing Brunton

11/6/2020      Nathaniel Daw

11/13/2020    Tatiana Engel

11/20/2020     Konrad Kording

11/27/2020     Canceled for Thanksgiving Break

12/4/2020       Maneesh Sahani

12/11/2020     Nicolas Brunel

12/18/2020     Mehrdad Jazayeri

12/25/2020     Canceled for Winter Break

Seminar Series Archive

Theoretically Social

Theoretically Social is the Center’s official happy hour, held every Thursday at 5 pm in the 5th floor interaction space. It’s a place for all Theory Center members to come together and socialize! Drinks and snacks are provided.

The current organizer is Matteo Alleman.

Biennial Retreat

Center for Theoretical Neuroscience Biennial Retreat

Details forthcoming

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