The Striatum Organizes 3D Behavior via Moment-to-Moment Action Selection

Markowitz, J.E., Gillis W.F., Beron C.C., Neufeld S.Q., Robertson K., Bhagat N.D., Peterson R.E., Peterson E., Hyun M., Linderman S.W., Sabatini B.L., Datta S.R.

Neuronal Variability as a Proxy for Network State

Nogueira, R., Lawrie, S., Moreno-Bote, R.

The Dynamical Regime of Sensory Cortex: Stable Dynamics Around a Single Stimulus-Tuned Attractor Account for Patterns of Noise Variability

Hennequin, G., Ahmadian, Y., Rubin, D.B., Lengyel, M., Miller, K.D.

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