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Travel Reimbursement Policy

Meals Per Diem
Starting 7/1/23, trainees are no longer required to keep meal receipts while traveling to conferences, workshops, and other scientific meetings. Instead, you'll be provided with a meal per diem of $50, including travel days. **Please note that the departure time for your flight/train must be 8pm or earlier in order for that day to be counted as a travel day**.  

Note that receipts for all other travel expenses are still required.

Meal limits during travel will no longer be applicable.

Please see the Reimbursements section of our handbook for additional instructions and information.

The CTN handbook also covers many useful topics including:
Software, hardware, cloudware
Reserving space
CTN events and activities
Acknowledging funding sources
And much more

If you are unable to access the handbook please email the lab coordinator ([email protected])