NeuroNex Programs

Our NeuroNex Theory Hub is designed to provide neuroscience research and neuroscience researchers with outstanding theoretical and statistical support, guidance and inspiration. The primary ways we do this is to collaborate with other researchers and to provide them with a vibrant place to come to advance these collaborations. Columbia's NeuroNex Theory Hub brings together researchers with experience in developing and applying advanced statistical and modeling methods and who are embedded in an extensive network of collaborations across the entire field of neuroscience. We do this in part through the programs listed below.

Our NeuroNex programs are sponsored by NSF award DBI-1707398.

NeuroNex Neurotheory Workshop Series, NeWS (Spring 2020)

A hands-on workshop for PhD students and Postdocs who want to learn new and advanced techniques in modelling and data analysis. Open to experimentalists and theorists, funded by NSF's NeuroNex initiative. Workshops will be held at Columbia University's Jerome L Greene Science Center, details of the workshop are posted here.


NeuroNex Junior Scientists Workshop (January 2020)

The Junior Scientists Workshop is organized in partnership with Kresimir Josic's lab at the University of Houston and funded by NSF's NeuroNex initiative.

The 2019 workshop was held at Columbia University's Jerome L Greene Science Center, details for this year's workshop are posted here.


NeuroNex Girls Who Code Club

Weekly meeting organized by postdocs and graduate students during the academic year for girls in grades 8-12. Email Allison Ong for current and upcoming club details. 


Visitors Program

This program supports researchers from academic institutions outside the NYC area (NYC visitors are welcome but do not require support) to visit the Theory Hub. These visitors may be theorists or experimentalists looking to learn new techniques or to collaborate in analyzing and modeling data. To participate, please email Stefano Fusi and Allison Ong with your research interests.


Seminar Series (Spring 2020)

Seminars are organized by postdocs and held every Friday at 11:30 a.m. during the academic year. Members of the Center nominate and invite speakers from other institutions and research centers to present and discuss their work. 

Speakers typically spend the day at the Center and 1-on-1 meetings are arranged with faculty, postdocs, and students throughout the day. The speaker will be hosted by one of our members, and he/she will also have lunch with the Center's postdocs and students. 

Seminars are open to the public and take place at the Jerome L. Greene Science Center. More information is available here.

The current postdoc organizers are Josh Glaser and Kenny Kay.

Our Seminar Series is supported in part by NSF's Neuronex Award DBI-1707398.


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